Production of quality parts begins with the design and construction of a quality tool.  Whether your job requires brand new tooling, or just modifications to one of your existing tools, Artisan Industries works with a number of toolmakers that specialize in injection molds and other various types of manufacturing fixtures.  From programs like Pro/E® and Solidworks® to high speed CNC mills and wire EDM’s, our toolmakers use some of the most sophisticated technologies available for mold design and construction.  Together we will help construct a mold that maximizes value while providing a proper fit for your production needs.

From lower cost solutions for prototyping or small part runs, to multi-cavity steel production molds, we are ready to assist you.  We will explain the possible tooling options, then work with you the customer to create a quality product in a competitive price range.  In many cases, we are able to considerably reduce prototype-tooling costs by utilizing aluminum inserts in molds.  We also have a wide range of Master Unit Die (MUD) frames which can potentially, in the right applications, save our customers thousands of dollars in upfront tooling costs.  If a mold is to be used for large extended runs or for materials with high glass content, the cavities in a steel mold can be hardened and guaranteed for a million cycles or more.  Let Artisan Industries help you get a quality mold that is specifically tailored to meet your product and production needs.