As a custom molder, Artisan Industries processes a wide range of materials.  From common materials such as ABS, nylon, and polypropylene, to engineering resins such as VALOX®, ULTEM® and Isoplast®.  The diverse needs of our customers demand that our experience and expertise be equally diverse.

In addition to using “off the shelf” materials, we also work with various specialty material compounders.   When a customer has unique or specific requirements for a product, our compounders can add an array of additives (glass fiber, carbon fiber, impact modifiers, UV stabilizers, and much more) to a base resin to meet the specific needs of a particular project.  In many cases, these generic custom compounds can be of higher quality and surprisingly cost competitive with their “off the shelf” brand name counterparts.

We also have considerable experience in the processing of various ThermoPlastic Elastomers (TPE’s) and ThermoPlastic Urethanes (TPU’s).  These materials are generally soft and flexible, and resemble rubber in nature.  On average, TPE’s range in hardness from 30-80 on the Shore-A scale; as an example, a Pink Pearl eraser is approximately a 40 Shore A material.  We have had success in processing materials as low as a 3 on the Shore-A scale (softer than a gummy bear).

Typically, raw materials come in either a “natural” uncolored state, or black. When other colors are desired, color concentrate or liquid color is added to the natural base material prior to processing.  Colors in plastics can be matched to a seemingly endless range of shades, hues, and brightness’s.  There are also many “special effects” colors, such as edge glow’s, glow in the dark, and colors that change in response to heat or natural light.

Numerous additives are also available which can enhance the performance and/or functionality of a material.  Some of the more common additives are UV stabilizers, impact modifiers, and blowing agents.  These compounds can provide materials with characteristics such as: increased resistance to the sun, improved impact and strength qualities, or a lightweight cellular structure.  Like color concentrates, these compounds can be added to the base material prior to processing.


At Artisan Industries, our ability to process an extensive range of materials, in combination with additives and color packages, provides endless options and possibilities for our customers.  We are constantly in the process of researching new technologies and materials to further expand our capabilities.  We regularly work in conjunction with the technicians and chemists at our suppliers to ensure our customers will always have the best possible fit for their product, both functionally and economically.  We take pride in our ability to maintain excellence in the processing of not only common materials, but also difficult and complex resins with narrow processing windows.