Modern equipment and technology enables Artisan Industries to take on the most challenging of molding projects.  All our primary manufacturing equipment was built in the USA by Batavia, Ohio based Cincinnati Milacron.  In business for over 125 years, Cincinnati Milacron has a world renowned reputation for building some of the highest quality injection molding equipment available to the industry.

Currently, Artisan Industries operates injection molding machines ranging in size from 40 to 300 tons, which allows for broad molding capabilities.  Our processing equipment operates on closed loop Statistical Process Control (SPC) capable controls, that can independently monitor each step of the manufacturing process on a “shot to shot” basis.  The software on our machines can monitor individual processing variables such as temperature, time, injection pressure, and velocity, throughout the entire production run.  If needed, these values can be graphed and or printed to provide an analytical record of the entire production process.  These features help to ensure consistency, quality, and repeatability in the finished product.

In addition to our horizontal presses, we also operate a vertical injection molding machine with a six station rotary table.  This machine is ideal for insert molding applications that require a highly specialized part to be produced in large quantities.  The multi-station configuration on this machine allows for production efficiencies on insert molding applications that would be virtually unattainable on the traditional horizontal presses operated by the majority of companies.  The manufacturing of plugs and various other electronic connectors is particularly well suited for this type of machine.

Our facility also employs various types of specialized auxiliary and automation equipment to support our production capabilities.  A partial listing of auxiliary equipment includes:

Dehumidifying materials dryers
Pneumatic and vacuum operated materials handling systems
Mold temperature control units
Multi-zone mold hot manifold/hot tip controllers
Parts conveyors
Sonic welders and pneumatic presses (for parts assembly)
Pneumatic parts trimming fixtures
Color feeders
Weigh scale materials blenders
Materials grinders (for recycling and reprocessing of materials)

We welcome you to contact us to discuss how our equipment recourses can help you meet your specific manufacturing needs.